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Are you looking for Car Safety Checks for your vehicle?

As a vehicle owner, you must ensure that your car is safe to drive and meets environment-friendly standards. Nevertheless, despite a current MOT pass certificate, your car can be unsafe to drive on the road due to daily wear and tear in the components.

Hence, you should consider opting for a routine car safety check Folkestone from a reliable automobile facility like JP Autos.

Our facility is stocked with the latest diagnostic tools to assess the condition of various components of your vehicle.

About Our Car Safety Check Folkestone

Our experts go through your vehicle’s handbook before beginning with the inspection. This helps them understand your vehicle’s specific details. We check the following components under this service:


We check if your car tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm - the legal minimum. Further, we ensure that the tyres are free from damage and exposed cords. We certainly also check the tyre pressure.

Engine Oil Level

The technicians check the engine oil level of your car. In case we find that it is below the optimal level, we recommend you opt for an engine oil top-up.

Screen Wash Level

The screen washer fluid in your vehicle must be within the recommended levels to ensure that the wipers function optimally. Our experts check the screen wash level and refill it if necessary. Of course, we also check the windscreen wipers themselves.

Besides, we also check:

  • Lights
  • Battery
  • Brake fluid level, among other points

Hence, put an end to your search for “car safety checks near me” and visit us today!

You can find us at Unit 4, Huntsfield Industrial Estate, North Road, Folkestone, CT20 3UH.

Please call us on 07732112510 if you have any questions or to get a quote.

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