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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Winters in the United Kingdom bring distinct sets of challenges for car owners. The season features not only cold temperatures, but also ice, snow, heavy rain and dense fog. Hence, getting your vehicle winter ready becomes important to enjoy optimal performance and driving safety.

We, JP Autos, offer a reliable winter check Folkestone at market-best rates. Our experts use advanced tools to inspect the internal and external components of a vehicle and recommend the best solution within a minimum turnaround time.

What Are The Services Provided Under A Winter Check?

Our winter check Folkestone includes the inspection of the following components:

Car Battery

The biting cold temperature in the UK affects the performance of the car battery system. Our technicians check the terminals, cables, wires, charging system, cables, etc., and suggest cost-effective replacements with OE-grade spares.

Tyre And Wheels

Our experts will check the conditions of the car tyre and wheel. We will ensure that the tyre has at least 1.6 mm tread depth. In case of irreparable or severe damages, we suggest replacements at reasonable rates from our tyre catalogue.

Engine Oil

Over-used or burnt engine oil is detrimental to an engine's health. Our technicians check the engine oil level and refill it with the seasonal variant if required.

Windscreen Wipers

Optimally functioning windscreen wipers are of paramount importance for maintaining maximum on-road driving safety. We check if the wiper blades are working properly. If not, we suggest replacements with OE-grade spares.

Besides, our winter check also covers the following services:

  • Bulb Inspection
  • Coolant Check
  • Electrical Checks and many more.

Hence, stop searching for “car winter checks near me” and visit us today!

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