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Nexen Tyres

Established in 1942, Nexen is a South Korean tyre manufacturing company that has served the automobile industry with its innovative products for the past 71 years. So, if you are searching for "Nexen tyres near me", then get in touch with our workshop JP Autos, as soon as possible. We are an authorised retailer of Nexen tyres in and around your location.

Please note- You can now also purchase Nexen tyres online. Put your car size details or registration number in the tyre finder tool on our website and select your favourite model.

Here at JP Autos, you will find the following categories of Nexen tyres Folkestone.

All-Season Tyres

Nexen all-season tyres come with a moderate rubber compound, an intermediate tread depth structure, and an innovative sipe design. As a result, this helps in providing optimal braking performance and uncompromised traction throughout the year.

Example: N FERA AU7, N FERA AU5

Winter Tyres

This winter tyre is infused with silica, soft rubber and deeper threads. Further, they have a high sipe density that offers excellent aquaplaning resistance on ice, snow and slush.

Example: WINGUARD ice Plus, WINGUARD ice2

Summer Tyres

These tyres have a hard rubber compound which has a less amount of natural rubber. This unique tyre construction provides brilliant traction and tread durability on heated summer tracks.

Example: N FERA Primus, N FERA Primus

We certainly also have:

  • Performance Tyres
  • Run Flat Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres

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