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Are you looking for Car Service in Folkestone for your vehicle?

Automobile experts recommend opting for routine car servicing to ensure optimal vehicle performance and maintain the vehicle's engine health. Moreover, regular vehicle servicing allows you to identify any underlying issues in your car and help you avoid costly repair bills in the long run.

Please note: If you drive a leasing vehicle, make sure you take your car for a service at the time/mileage stated in your contract. Missing it can result in additional leasing charges.

Are you searching for a reliable workshop offering car service Folkestone?

Then, look no further than JP Autos. Our automobile service station is located at Unit 4, Huntsfield Industrial Estate, North Road, Folkestone, CT20 3UH.

The experts at our facility possess all the necessary knowledge about the latest innovations and technologies in the automobile industry. Further, they use cutting-edge equipment to conduct the services and ensure accurate and prompt results within the least possible waiting time.

Detailed Overview Of Our Car Servicing:

Interim Car Servicing

Automobile experts suggest opting for an interim car servicing every 6000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes early. However, you must refer to the car’s manual to know the vehicle specific details. During this service, we cover a total of 50 checks on the various components of a vehicle. These checks include:

  • Engine oil level check
  • Oil filter
  • Suspension system and steering inspection
  • Tyre condition and tread depth inspection
  • Braking system check
  • Coolant refill and many more

Full Car Servicing

You can consider opting for a full car servicing every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. At our facility, we conduct a total of 77 checks under this service. These include:

Engine inspection

This check includes a detailed inspection of the engine components such as alternator belts, engine oil level, coolant level, spark plugs, etc.

Brake system check

Our experts use the most advanced tool to check the rotors, callipers, brake fluid level, discs, brake pads, etc. Then, based on the inspection, they offer cost-effective replacement solutions with OE-grade spares.

Besides, our full car service Folkestone also includes:

  • Wiper and windscreen check
  • Exterior and interior mirror check
  • Light check
  • Clutch operation inspection
  • Tyre and wheel condition check
  • Gearbox fluid refill and more
  • Radiator and coolant check
  • Resetting of service light
  • Replacement of air filter, oil filter, pollen filter and spark plugs
  • Oil change
  • Applying grease on greasing points
  • Exhaust system check

Benefits Of A Routine Car Servicing

Opting for car servicing after regular intervals has the following benefits:

  • Improves the vehicle’s performance and the engine health
  • Helps to avoid sudden vehicle breakdowns in the middle of a journey
  • Improves the roadworthiness of the vehicle
  • The vehicle passes the MOT in one go
  • Ensures higher resale value of the vehicle
  • Helps you avoid hefty repair bills down the line

Moreover, we have a fair pricing policy. This means that you do not have to pay any additional charges while opting for our services.

You can now put an end to your search for “car service car service Folkestone”. Just book your car’s next service with us.

Our all-inclusive automobile facility is located at Unit 4, Huntsfield Industrial Estate, North Road, Folkestone, CT20 3UH.

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