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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Have you recently noticed one of the following?

  • Odd vibrations on the floorboard, steering wheel and seats
  • Frequent and uneven tyre wear
  • Poor short-braking performance
  • Drastically increased fuel consumption
  • A sudden drop in your vehicle’s mileage?

These are some of the tell-tale signs of out-of-balance car wheels. In such a case, you should opt for our wheel balancing Folkestone to avoid further discrepancies.

Automobile experts suggest opting for wheel balancing checks after every 5000 to 600 miles. Moreover, after every tyre or wheel fitting session, a wheel balancing session is a must.

At our workshop, JP Autos, we offer cost-effective wheel balancing Folkestone. Moreover, we have an advanced wheel balancing machine that can deliver prompt results within the least possible waiting time.

Please note: When fitting new tyres, wheel balancing is carried out by us as a standard procedure.

About Our Wheel Balancing Folkestone

We follow industry-best techniques to evenly balance the weight throughout the tyre and wheel assembly. Our technicians follow the following steps while conducting this service:

Step 1: We remove the tyre and wheel assembly from a car with utmost care and ensure no damage is caused to associated parts.

Step 2: Then, we mount the wheel assembly to our special wheel balancing machine and rotate the wheels at high speed.

Step 3: We note down the readings and measurements generated on this machine’s computer.

Step 4: Further, we analyse the readings to find out the area of issues.

Step 5: We then attach eco-friendly counterweights to external surfaces of a wheel to resolve the issue.

Step 6: Finally, we mount the tyre and wheel assembly back to the car. We also check the tyre pressure level and inflate or deflate, as required.

Hence, stop searching for “wheel balancing services near me” and visit us.

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