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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

Summers in the United Kingdom come with heat and often with sudden rainfalls. Hence, it becomes necessary to ensure that all the components are working optimally to remain safe and enjoy an uncompromised driving experience during the summer months.

That’s where JP Autos come to help!

Make your vehicle summer-ready with our comprehensive summer check Folkestone. Experts at our facility thoroughly check the internal and external components of your car. Further, we offer this inspection at an affordable rate.

About Our Summer Check

Our summer check Folkestone covers a thorough inspection of the following components:


Our experts check if your car has the right set of summer tyres fitted. Further, they ensure that the tyres are free of damage or exposed cords. They also make sure that the tread depth of the tyres is not less than 1.6mm (the legal minimum).


The technicians run a thorough check on the components of the car battery system. They inspect the wires, terminals, battery case, etc. In case they find any issues, they will recommend cost-effective replacement solutions with OE-grade spare parts.


Extreme temperature during the summer months causes overheating of the car’s engine. The coolant prevents the car engine from overheating during the hot summer months. Our experts will check if the coolant level is within the recommended levels. They will also refill the fluid if required.

Besides, our summer check also includes:

  • Air conditioning check
  • Windscreen wiper inspection
  • Engine oil level check, and more

Sounds good?

Then, stop searching for “summer check service near me” and come over to us.

Our all-inclusive automobile facility is stationed at Unit 4, Huntsfield Industrial Estate, North Road, Folkestone, CT20 3UH.

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