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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

As a vehicle owner, you must know that inadequately inflated car tyres can affect your car’s braking efficiency and can not only lead to accidents but also to expensive replacements/repairs in future.

Experts recommend pressure checks at least once a month.

Hence, you should opt for a routine tyre pressure check to prevent several on-road discrepancies. At JP Autos, we offer free tyre pressure checks Folkestone for all vehicle makes and models. Furthermore, the experts at our facility use an advanced tyre pressure gauge to provide correct readings of the tyre inflation level. We also carry out several other tyre safety checks if necessary.

About Our Free Tyre Pressure Check Folkestone

Firstly, we will check the inflation level of your car tyres. In case we find that the tyre’s inflation level is inadequate, we will check for leakages leading to this air loss situation. If we find any damage, we will provide the necessary assistance for the same.

Nevertheless, in case of no leakage or other damage, we refer to the car's specifications, which can be found inside the car's glove box or driver's door jamb. We then inflate or deflate the tyres per the recommended measurements within a minimum turnaround time.

Please note: You do not need an appointment for this check. Just come to us at any time during our opening hours.

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